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Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Waves

Beach conditions: Sand/stones

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: No

Food: Nearby

Shower: No

Toilet: No

Eastbourne is different from most other Wellington locations because its sailable in most wind directions. Its situated on the East side of the harbour. This can be a better option than Seatoun when the wind is west enough for the Miramar headland to affect the wind.

A better launch has been found with a wider beach! Stay on the main road to Eastbourne the turn right onto Miro St. Take the next left then the next right into Heketara St which leads to the beach.The best place to launch in Eastbourne is in front of the Rugby Club. Just stick to the roads closest to the sea front and you’ll get there.  The beach is mainly shingle and the wind blows sideshore in Northerlies and Southerlies Ther’s reasonable room on this beach but beware of powercables. This is the only sailable sideshore spot in Wellington and as such suits the low intermediate who can ride but is struggling to go upwind.

The beach shelves fairly steeply into the water so you will be out of your depth when just a few meters offshore. The Northerly winds can be a bit daunting at first as you’re looking downwind at the harbour exit to Cook Strait which is where you’ll go if you can’t water re-launch your kite! Also close to shore downwind of the launching spot the wind can get really gusty and can be difficult to keep your kite in the air. Try to get upwind to cleaner wind. In a S or SW the place has a different feel and is more suited to the intermediate or novice. Here you can go downwind several hundred meters. Once past the jetty though the water close to shore is sheltered and will probably require a swim to get back to the beach

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