Water type: River mouth (flat water) or Ocean

Water conditions: Flat / Waves

Beach conditions: Sand

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: Yes; at the Top 10 Holiday Park

Food: Nearby

Shower: No

Toilet: No

Best flat water in the Lower North Island, great conditions on the beach as well.

Estuary is Perfect for beginners in SW or W as you can only get washed up on the sand bank further down the estuary if you cant relaunch, and is cross onshore to the Foxton side.NW is cross off in the estuary so if you cannot keep upwind, ride in the surf on the beach as its cross on in a NW, otherwise youll end up on the Waiterere side with a long swim ahead of you.
If you do end up on Waiterere side, you can downwind it accross the estuary to the Manawatu sailing Club about 500m further inland, then get out there and walk the 10 minute esplanade walk back to the estuary set up point.


Manawatu Estuary
, Flat water, sandy bottom
Drive into Foxton Beach, Past Mr Grumpys Fish & Chip Shop on lft , carry on till you reach the motor camp on the left and head straight for the main gates. jus in front of entrance  bear left and carry on driving to get to Estuary. You can drive on with a 2wd.
Be very mindful of Whitebaiters and fishermen along the edge of the estuary and stay out of their way when heading out into the estuary.

Foxton Beach  Small to medium waves, sandy bottom
Drive thru Foxton Beach to the beach Carpark. If in a 2wd park here and walk down the beach a bit away from the carpark tom set up if busy. If 4wd, drive on to beach at either left or right side of car park and find a spot to rig up away from people.

Stay closer to the beach and river mouth  than the town as it gets gusty the further inland you get, as well as the bird sanctuary to look out for. The main channel of the river is on the far side of the estuary so stick to the Foxton side unless you’re prepared for the current. 5 to 6 knot current at lower tide. Best ridden around mid tide as current is much less and there’s more shallow flat areas to ride in. 

If light wind , an outgoing tide is your friend as you get excellent wind against tide in the mouth. 

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