Kite Spots

The goal of this website is to provide basic information to keep everyone safe, find awesome kite spots and meet the locals.

Kiwi Kite Guide


Rookie Kitesurfer

  • Just started kitesurfing (+/- 20 sessions)
  • Can waterstart and kite +/- 50m without crashing
  • Can’t always stay upwind
  • Is not completely confident controlling the kite
  • Might need extra support on the water

Advanced Kitesurfer

  • Is in control of board and kite
  • Can kite comfortably without crashing
  • Can do small jumps – ride in small/medium waves
  • Confident to self launch and land the kite

Pro Kitesurfer

  • Has all the advanced skills
  • Has much experience and has done over 100 sessions
  • Are confident in self rescue
  • Is fully in control of kite and board
  • Can land big jumps (8m+) – ride in large waves
  • Is able to helping others in need


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West Coast

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