Lake Ferry

  • Lake Ferry
  • Lake Ferry
  • Lake Ferry

Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Flat, Chop
Make sure you are sailing on an incoming tide!

Beach conditions: Sand/stones

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: Nearby

Food: No

Shower: No

Toilet: No

Great flat spot on Lake Onoke. Be careful with currents and tides. Make sure you are kitesurfing on an incoming tide!

Works SE to SW. in a SSW it about as strong as Wellington harbour, the more it swings to true SW direction the stronger it gets in relation to Wgtn, but becomes quite gusty. SE is usually a bit less then Wgtn, but solid and smooth. good place to go when Wgtn is over the top SE.

Directions: Drive over the rimutaka hill road, as you get to the entrance of Featherston take the first exit to the right. There are signs for “western lake road” and “ocean beach” . Follow that road for about 40km then after a bit on gravel surface the road splits at a cattle stop. Follow the little yellow sign on your left to “Lake Onoke”.There is gate right after that junction, so just open and close it again. Follow that road until you get to the corner of the lake. If you got a 4wd you can drive onto the spit otherwise park and rig there. It’s all pretty shallow and angle deep mud.

Depending on how much rain there was the river can flow quite strong close to the river mouth by the pub. it can get ricky if you have to swim across it when the wind  dies. The western side doesn”t have a pub or anything really but the sailing and launching is much easier and it is shallow [knee to waist deep for ages at 
low tide]. There is a windmeter close to the pub that you can ring up too. 08 3229069 costs 12cent a minute 

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