Peka Peka

Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Waves

Beach conditions: Sand

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: No

Food: No

Shower: No

Toilet: No

Great spot for all levels!

7 km north of Waikanae estuary river mouth – the first beach unaffected by Kapiti Island when the wind is westerly.
Shelving beach – with plenty of room at low tide. At high tide space can be restricted.
Significantly more wave without the influence of Kapiti to reduce the build up of swell from the West and smoother, with larger gaps between waves than Waikanae – which can be messy. Sea can get quite big here and it can produce good clean surf occasionally.

It is possible to drive straight down onto the beach and launch off your own tow-bar and have all your gear on hand without a walk back to the car. There is normally some sizable drift wood to launch off if you prefer to park at the carpark and save your vehicle from the salt. The small access way onto the beach can get a bit rutted – so probably best for 4 wheel drive vehicles.

An ideal starting point for a downwinder to Wailkanae in a NW

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