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Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Chop!, Small waves

Beach conditions: Small stones and sand

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: No

Food: Nearby

Shower: Yes

Toilet: Yes

Great N/NE spot for Wellington!
Best in N, always gusty in NW. Best in North, busiest when not enough wind at Plimmerton, if the north is kicking in the Toun will be blowing the hardest

Park up in the parking area at the end of Hector Street. Set-Up on the beach in front of the car park and to the east of the garages beside the park. Please do not set-up on the beach in front of the toilets, childrens playground or grass area (Churchill Park). Be very carefull leaving your kite or other gear near the waters edge. Launch and landing area is anywhere east of the garages and jet ski lane markers. Please do not launch or land in front of the childrens playground, park or anywhere west of the jet ski lane markers, the combination of narrow beach, busy park and power lines does not make for a safe launch landing area.

The wind is always onshore to some degree and the beach shelves reasonably steeply at all times except low tide. This makes it difficult to get off the beach without good upwind ability. The water is generally choppy but no real swell. The chop creates great ramps to help boost big jumps. Please do not jump or jibe at speed within 50m of the shoreline. When coming into land, please approach slowly and under control.

All small boats (including windsurfers, kite surfers etc) need to keep well clear of shipping! Please stay away from any boat!

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