St Kilda beach

Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Medium wave, Big wave

Beach conditions: Sand

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: Nearby

Food: No

Shower: No

Toilet: Yes

This spot is only for very experienced kitesurfers!
Big shore break, big surf, big currents usually heading north. Best on SSW wind with big E swell, pushes current back toward the S to make it easier to stay upwind.

Easiest launching on the beach at any tide, can launch land on Kettle Park, but there are now many fences. Watch out for the updraft off the dunes in onshore winds. Can also be very gusty in sideshore winds. Stay well clear of the temporary pier for construction of the new sewage outfall.

Can be very squally and changeable weather when S or SW, pick your days, any offshore winds not recommended as the dunes mess up the wind.

Tip: wear a warm wetsuit 😉

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