Sumner Beach

  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner Beach
  • Sumner
  • Sumner

Water type: Ocean

Water conditions: Small Waves, flat, choppy

Beach conditions: Sand

Kite Level:

(Be safe and never kite Offshore)

Parking: Yes

Camping: No

Food: Yes

Shower: No

Toilet: Yes

Ideal for Intermediates to Advanced. Very busy beach with the public ,BE CONSIDERATE ON & OFF THE WATER . It works in Northerly , Easterlies (NE to SE) and North Westerlies. NE to SE (onshore) & incoming tide – Okay for beginners , great for intermediates & advanced kiters & windsurfers. Can get good down the line wave riding. Strong tidal current due to the Estuary which can either help or hinder depending on the wind direction (ie in a North East you want the tide coming out against the wind). You can also head around to South Shore (Rocking Horse Rd) and launch from the Brighton side.
Outgoing tide can suck you very quickly.
Be very aware of other beach & water users.

Main season October to March, with wind from the Northeast. Usually less than 20 knots but sometime stronger. Usually Northeast 3 or 4 days a week but sometimes only light. Northerly also good goes from about 20 knots up. Wind not good in winter.
Full wetsuit October and November, shorty after that. Winter very cold.

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